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Emotional Support Animal Letter
Emotional Support Animal Letter

Getting an ESA Letter

The country is facing a mental health crisis and over 44 million Americans have been affected by it. This may be due to our lifestyle or work culture but it is not something we can ignore and move on with our lives. And that is where emotional support animals come into the frame. Having someone to care and support like an emotional support animal has proven to be therapeutic for people suffering from a mental or emotional condition. Contact us and get your pet an ESA doctor letter today.

ESA Letter – Travel & Live With Your Pet Hassle Free

Having an emotional support animal in your life will give you a perspective of the world you have never experienced. The compassion and companionship they provide are beyond the ability of any other human. And we want to bridge the people who need an emotional support animal with an ESA letter.  

  1. Start the process by filling a small online form which takes just a couple of minutes. 
  2. Our doctor will contact you via video call and do your face-to-face evaluation. 
  3. Receive your emotional support animal doctor letter through email within minutes.

emotional support animal doctor letter

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The main function of an ESA is to provide emotional support and for that, it requires no training. It is born to provide emotional support. Unlike service animals that require training because they need to perform tasks for their owners, emotional support animals have the innate quality to provide love and care to their owners. 

Though it is preferred you give them basic training so that they are at their best behavior when they are out in the public. They may travel on flights so to avoid endangering the fellow passengers, it is best that they understand to behave in public. 

There are no laws prohibiting multiple emotional support animals, however, the requirements of accommodation for this are the same. If you need to have more than one ESA, each pet should be well behaved and supported with documents from a licensed mental health professional. You must also be capable of providing care and attention to all of your ESAs. This is based on the recommendation of your therapist.

No. He cannot charge you even a single penny to let you keep an emotional support animal. With an ESA letter, you get to live with your emotional support animal in a no-pet policy rental without any hassles. And you don’t have to put any deposit or any fees to let your landlord allow you to keep. You are legally entitled to live with your ESA with the letter. Although, if any damages arise because of your ESA, you are liable to pay the expenses.

Getting an emotional support doctor letter has become so easy. No waiting for long hours or standing in queues. All you need is a working internet connection. It involves three simple steps. First, you need to fill up a simple online form which takes only a couple of minutes. Then, our doctor contacts you via video call. He will evaluate you and he will recommend you if he feels you qualify for an emotional support animal. In the end, receive the ESA letter through email. The whole process just takes a few minutes. Getting an emotional support animal letter online is really simple and convenient.

Having an emotional support animal in your life could help you manage your condition effectively. They are medically proven to be therapeutic for people suffering from emotional or mental conditions. With an ESA letter, you are legally entitled to live with your pet in a no-pet policy apartment without any hassles. Also, with the letter, you can travel with the ESA in-cabin in the flight without paying any extra charges. 

Experience Life With an Emotional Support Animal

Whether you are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or any other mental health condition, getting an ESA letter for your pet could prove to be really handy. Our doctors understand your need for emotional support in your life, and they help provide you with the same. 

-ESA Letter: For your pet to be considered as an emotional support animal you need an ESA doctor letter. 

-Convenient Process: Through our process, you can get an emotional support animal  letter online without any hassles. 

-Anti-Discrimination: An ESA letter protects you against any discrimination based on your condition. 

-Living with ESA: The ESA letter allows you to live with your ESA in a no-pet policy rental without paying any extra charges.

-Traveling with ESA: You can fly with your ESA in-cabin without paying any extra fees with an emotional support animal doctor letter.

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