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Anxiety Treatment
Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Disorder Treatment

We all know life isn’t always filled with felicity and joy. Everyone has their own battles to fight. In the darkest hour of the clock, we all need someone to have our back. So, let us be your shining armor in your battle with anxiety. Our anxiety disorder treatment therapies specialize in treating all sorts of anxiety disorders. Remember, when the right treatment is put in place, no disorder is too great to overcome. 

When do I need Anxiety Disorder Treatment?

If you feel anxious, nervous or worried in particular situations or when performing different activities, then you may have an anxiety disorder. Beyond any doubt, you should consider getting an anxiety consultation right away. Undermentioned are the types of disorders for which we provide anxiety disorder treatment

  1. Generalized anxiety disorder is related to exaggerated anxiety about day-to-day life events.
  2. Social anxiety disorder is when you feel highly uncomfortable in making social contact. 
  3. Anxiety attacks involve physical symptoms such as muscle tension and nausea.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is rare that there is just one cause for an anxiety disorder. These disorders are usually the result of a combination of factors such as stress, past experiences, a genetic predisposition or lifestyle.

Undeniably, stress is the prime factor among the causes of anxiety disorders and it can also prolong an existing anxiety condition. However, it is usually not the only culprit here. Other factors include lack of sleep, imaginary fears, restlessness, and chronic digestive problems.

Same as with most problems, anxiety also has short-term fixes and permanent cures. Being prepared for what you are anxious about (whether it’s a job or interview), opening yourself to others, taking good sleep and consulting an online therapist for anxiety are the short-term fixes.

However, if you’re looking for a permanent cure, you must seek medication by experienced medical professionals. They will help guide you with the best therapy suited for your condition. Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) are some of the therapies that we provide to our clients.

So overall, it depends upon the patient and the disorder that what could be the best treatment for anxiety.

Curing a person with an anxiety disorder is conditional upon the type of disorder the person has. But undoubtedly you can and will be well again. Treatment is most effective when the person learns to redress the imbalance in thought processes. Especially amid the conscious and subconscious mind. By doing this in a structured way and combining this with medication, recovery is not far away.

An anxiety attack is easily distinguishable from a panic attack. The main symptom of an anxiety attack is that it has a specific trigger. This can be anything – your exam, workplace issues or even your relationship problems. 

Further, the anxiety attack is not diagnosable but is less acute than a panic attack. Of-course, being anxious along with having a racing heart or knot in the stomach is always an anxiety attack. Need not to mention, anxiety disorder treatment therapies are different from that of a panic attack.

Social Anxiety or social phobia is a synonym to the world’s third-largest mental health problem. It has already affected about 7% of the total US population. On explanatory terms, it is the fear of social interactions with people.

To be more comprehensive, it is the fear of being negatively judged by your persona. The disorder bearer has this paradigm that everything will eventually end up in something worse. Without any second thought, it is a pervasive disorder and must be overcome, before it gets too late.

Why Choosing Us Will Be Your Best Call

Steady Care Medical’s licensed professionals are specialized in finding the root cause of your anxiety and developing an effective treatment plan. Our proven track record of the last 15 years in the anxiety disorder treatment service shows that we have not disappointed anyone yet. Apart from this, we have…

-Special Anxiety Consultation Approach for Each Patient

Our treatment approach varies from patient to patient, depending on the type of anxiety disorder and its severity.


Experienced Licenced Medical Professionals

Not all mental health practitioners are well-trained, but at Steady Care Medical, we only have experienced and qualified medical specialist to treat you.


-Treatment  Plans on Nominal  Cost

Our anxiety disorder treatment plans are available at the least possible cost. 


Same-Day Appointments and Walk-ins Available

No need to wait for the coming Monday to schedule your appointment as you can get same-day appointments and walk-ins without any hassles.

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As the medical cannabis scene grew in Santa Ana and the surrounding region, it was hard to be ignored. Most cannabis users that found the plant to be therapeutic had to acquire it in the black market, undertaking multiple legal and safety risks. Cannabis users usually were stigmatized and they had to use cannabis secretly and illicitly.


In 2007 - Cannabis Saves our Staff

Then 2007-2009 our own medical staff was suffering from anxiety, and appetite issues. We were looking for alternatives to prescription medication and traditional treatments. It was obvious that Cannabis as medicine works, works effectively, and is more affordable than prescription medication. Looking at these facts, we made a clear decision, we had to embrace medical cannabis even if it meant an uncertain future.


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In 2018 - Recreational

In 2018, with the legalization of Cannabis in California, medical cards were not longer required to gain access to many dispensaries. However, medical cards took a different role – they allowed patients to pay less in taxes, grow, carry, and purchase more, and access more products.


In 2019 - Making an Impact

In 2019, the climate has changed but our values have not. We stand firm in our belief that everyone should have access, and that medical patients deserve to pay less in taxes. We want to make sure recreational limits are not imposed on those that truly use cannabis.and also that these people now where to go. To accomplish this we created our dispensary listings and independently verify legit operations