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Top Myths Of Weight Loss Treatment Programs Put To Rest

Medical weight loss treatment. Is there any need to look for such programs?

There is a growing number of cases of obesity problems in America with over 70% of adults facing overweight issues. And, mind you this number is definitely going down at all.

So, it is high time one needs to start looking for medical weight loss clinic that provides effective weight loss programs.

But, there are cases where doctors don’t wish or hesitate to add weight loss treatment programs to their normal consultation practice.

In fact most of the MDs don’t have any programs just to save themselves from the hassles of counseling or insurance, or just the fear of telling their patients that they need to lose weight.

Besides that, there are many myths taking rounds in the market concerning medical weight loss treatment programs. And, it’s high time doctors and patients alike need to make the right judgment.


Top Myths Of Weight Loss Treatment Programs Are Given Below:


Myth 1- There is No Market of Medical Weight Loss Treatment

This is completely false. According to the CDC, around 11.7% of patients confirmed that doctors, nurses, or other professionals offered them advice. So, if they can do, you definitely can do the same for your patients as well.

A lot of untapped potential is there with room for growth.


Myth 2- Doctor or Nurses Have No Say In Front Of Giant Diet Companies

Well. that’s again completely untrue. MDs or nurses already have patients that trust them. So, they don’t need any marketing tactics to lure any more patients.

Just be transparent and clear with all your strategies and patients will follow-up naturally.


Myth 3- Medical Doctors Need The Required Business Skills For Any Success

Of course that’s not the case. MDs can actually launch their programs or customize their programs as they have a much better idea of their patient’s health status. It’s just understanding the condition and doing completely right way.

So, no need to pay any royalties or joining any franchise at all.


Myth 4- Doctors Can’t Take Time For Weight Loss Consultations

Well, this might be true to a certain extent. But, when done in an organized manner, doctors or trained practitioners can definitely do a role of supervisor without taking much of their time from their primary practice.


Myth 5- Prescription Drugs Do Not Give Effective Weight Loss Results With Too Many Side-effects Involved

This is also not true. Appetite suppressants are safe drugs that are in use for decades. Plus, they are completely affordable. So, one can go for weight loss treatment plans involving suppressants.

So, if you are looking for prescription weight loss treatment plans, then make sure you follow the tips as mentioned below.

  • You need to go by doctor’s prescriptions regarding weight-loss medications.
  • Purchase medications only from a pharmacy or online site approved by your doctor.
  • Take medications to suit your eating and activity programs.
  • Understand the pros and cons of your medications.
  • Ask your doctor when to stop. (If there are no results even after going for 12 weeks of weight loss treatment).
  • Avoid medications if you are planning any pregnancy.


Medical weight loss treatment will work only when you change your lifestyle and eating habits. You can never rely on medications alone to get the desired effects.

Make sure you don’t fall for any weight loss scams and end up with any aggravated medical condition.

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